"Leslie has an elegant and subtle touch as a Cranio-Sacral Therapist. Receiving her care has transformed my energy and body." 

                              Michelle Terry, MD 

"I began to see Leslie for medical massage about one year ago. I feel it is time to send a brief note to express my gratitude in the help that she has provided. First I will tell you that I came due to an injury to my low back and neck that occurred in 1985. The injury was so severe that the doctors thought my neck and back had been broke beyond repair and I might suffer life paralysis and certainly pain. After time I was able to recover but the pain has been with me ever since. Over the year that I have been assisted by Leslie , the pain I felt over these 25 years has gone away! I no longer grab something to sneeze. My wife and I have noticed that I no longer wince in pain to do something as simple as bending over. After working on physically demanding projects the pain I feel is the normal sore muscle pain, not lay me down, back and neck pain. She is truly gifted. I am so very fortunate to have found you Leslie.Thank you." 
                               Galen  House                       

"From the warmth of the surroundings to the wonderful treatment itself, my visit was incredibly relaxing. What surprised me, though, was how invigorated and clarified I felt afterwards. I had a long flight to the East Coast later, but felt clean and energetic well into the next week."
                              Louis Mazzari

"My experience with Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST) has been quite remarkable.  CST eliminates my pain without drugs and their nasty side affects.  It’s as natural as natural can get.  I have seen Leslie for severe headaches, neck pain, arm, hand and leg pain, bumps and bruises and you name it.  Along with the relief of pain, I have learned how to understand my body, its needs and how to take care of it.  Leslie is an amazing Therapist...and coach.  She makes me feel safe and comfortable as she takes me through this amazing healing process.  She orchestrates my pain release with professionalism and respect.  Each time I have seen Leslie I have left my session feeling completely pain free, calm and energized.  This is not only a gift for me, but to my husband, family and friends that spend time with me.  I am very grateful to you Leslie.  Thank you! "
                              Mary Lynn Brooke 

 "I was in excruciating pain from my neck to my knee. I believed I would never be able to continue my 35 year career as an International  Flight Attendant. I was not able to sit in a car for more than 20 minutes without being nauseated, walking upstairs would put such pressure on my knee that knowing where every elevator in every store had become my hobby! I was not enjoying life and found myself feeling and looking tired and depressed.
 I was introduced to Leslie Sivret and cranial work , an experience that absolutely changed my life. I am no longer in chronic pain. I sleep better and am happier. I will forever and aways be greatful for my "second chance" at an energetic productive future with endless possibilities of new adventures in all areas of my life." 
                               Connie Snider              

"Although I would love to take credit for discovering Stillwaters and its fantastic practitioner Leslie, I will acknowledge my wife for finding this wonderful place. Admittedly I started as a novice patient of massage, but Leslie quickly lifted my understanding; she is not only a great practitioner but a great educator. My Latin vocabulary skills will probably never be up to the task but I have learned so much about the balance within one's muscular system and body as a whole. Leslie's work has brought me to a relaxed and healthy state that I have never known. Most importantly, Leslie has given me the awareness to recognize when I have pushed my physical and mental state to the "tipping point" (It certainly has allowed me to survive another ski season without injury!). "

                                   Garin Lee