My Services

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a very relaxing and therapeutic style of bodywork.  It combines oils or lotion with an array of strokes such as gliding, rolling, kneading, and percussion to help the body improve its circulation.  The benefits of this type of bodywork are wide-ranging and include relief from aches and pains, decreased stress levels in the body, enhanced mental clarity,increased circulation,and greater flexibility.

Craniosacral Therapy

imageCranioSacral Therapy is a bodywork method that focuses on gently stimulating your craniosacral system with a touch no firmer than a cork floating on water. It is done with the client fully clothed, in a calm, safe environment. This modality has a profound healing effect on the body by improving the function of all organs and body systems. Healing occurs by improving the functioning of the central nervous system. CST effectively prompts your body’s natural healing process, and has been known to help alleviate a wide variety of problems including:

  • Chronic Pain Neck, Back, and Joints/Soft Tissue  
  • Headaches/Migraine Headaches
  • Sinusitis
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • TMJ
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Insomnia

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a form of bodywork that aims to relieve tension in the deeper layers of tissue in the body. I use various techniques with my hands, knuckles, and elbows and apply focused pressure on “problem areas” or “trigger points” in the body. Deep Tissue Massage is a highly effective method for releasing chronic stress areas due to misalignment, repetitive motions, and past lingering injuries. Due to the nature of the deep tissue work, open communication during the session is crucial to make sure you don’t get too uncomfortable. Keep in mind that soreness is pretty common after the treatment, and that plenty of water should be ingested to aid with the flushing and removal of toxins that will have been released from the deep tissue during the session.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is a form of bodywork designed specifically for pregnant women.  Pregnancy is a time in which a woman’s body endures tremendous stress due to dramatic physical, mental, and emotional changes.  Using various techniques specifically for the new mother, Pregnancy Massage helps alleviate discomforts experienced throughout the pregnancy.  The benefits are profound, including emotional support, the reduction of joint pain due to extra weight and postural imbalance, improved breathing and relaxation, and relief from uncomfortable digestive issues.


$90/hour per 30-60 minutes session

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing that cleanses and balances the energy patterns in the body. As a result, the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms strengthen, helping to establish optimum mental, emotional, and physical health. During a session, I work in energetic connection with you in order to decrease stress, increase relaxation, remove blockages,decrease pain and muscle tension, detoxify your energy system, and restore your vital life force energy.The Reiki technique utilizes a gentle laying on of hands to conduct the necessary energy force between us.The benefits of Reiki range from the release of habitual mental/emotional stress to alleviating chronic pain. This is currently also available by phone as a remote alternative.

Myofascial Massage

imageMyofascial massage is a technique used to treat injuries and discomfort, reducing pain and increasing range of motion. Myofascial massage differs from other types of massage in that it targets the fascia - the membrane surrounding muscles - rather than the muscle itself. Since fascia completely encases every muscle in the body, imbalances in the fascia can have serious effects on your range of motion and comfort level. While other forms of massage can overlook the fascia, myofascial massage focuses specifically on releasing tension in this important membrane.